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May 10, 2009
  • Kirkempk

    With the show coming to an end next year, it seems unlikely that the writers will be able to wrap up every mystery that has been laid out in just another 17 episodes, especially those that aren’t crucial to the main plot. With the amount of expectation that will have built up by January, its certain that some fans will feel short changed when their favourite minor mystery, suspected plot hole or implied bit of story doesn’t get explained.

    Some friends and I thought that a good way to service this problem would be a tie-in graphic novel, a collection of short stories from various points across the series timeline. Different artist and writers could come in to work on individual strips, and Darlton could use it as an avenue to tell any little…

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  • Kirkempk

    Just wondered what ideas people had on this. All the past openings have referenced the previous season's finale (i.e, showing the inside of the hatch, showing the others aren't hill billies, showing that people got off the island, seeing the FDW and introducing Time travel) whilst simultaneously throwing a complete curve ball at the audience.

    If this pattern continues, my thoughts are that the opening scene of the season 6 premier has to feature Jacob and/or Otherman. Maybe them observing the crash of flight 815, as they did the arrival of the black rock? Maybe Otherman taking Locke's form? Maybe revealing that Otherman is the monster, or has a close relationship to it?

    Or maybe the opening scene will reveal to us what happened to the 1977er…

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  • Kirkempk

    Flight 316 in 2007

    May 13, 2009 by Kirkempk

    I have seen this fact mentioned all over the site, but don’t remember ever hearing t referenced in the show, and so am a bit confused; How do we know that flight 316 travelled back in time to 2007, and that that’s where Locke, Ben, Sun and Frank now are. I’m sure this has been addressed on a previous blog but, well, there are a lot of blogs!

    Yes, I know it suddenly changed from Night to Day from the passenger’s perspective before they crashed on Hydra Island, but where has this rather specific time come from? I just assumed there was a jump of a few hours due to the time flash they encountered, and didn’t think it could be anything more until I saw it in the Timeline section of the site. If anything I thought they may have jumped to the fut…

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  • Kirkempk

    Jughead and the Swan

    May 12, 2009 by Kirkempk

    Just some thoughts a friend and I were batting about;

    What if when it comes down to the wire, Jack is unable to detonate Jughead- maybe he bottles it, maybe Sawyer, Kate and Juliet stop him, whatever- and the Incident occurs, and the button is installed in the swan station as described in the orientation film (Yes, I subscribe to the Whatever Happened, Happened theory). Now suppose that, in the aftermath of the incident, rather than trying to move the bomb, Dharma bury it in concrete under the Swan station, and hook it up to the swans systems- specifically to the fail-safe key. They don't know if Daniel/Jack's plan will work, but they do it anyway. In 2004, when Desmond turns the fail-safe key at the climax of 'Live Together, Die Alone', he…

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