• Kingsi7e

    It seems to me that people having issues visualizing time-frames in Lost up to season 5 and that's why it is hard to understand FST.

    Hokay, for the simplicity sake we will focus on the OT for now. OT was shown in portions; the chronological order looks as follows: Richard episode, pre-DHARMA (1956, Lock talks to Richard ect.), DHARMA times before INCIDENT (most of season 5 in 1974-1977), FLASHBACKS (various times and locations), OCEANIC time (on the island after the Oceanic 815 crash and before the donkey wheel), FLASHFORWARDS and O6 times (season 4-5, off island AFTER THE DONKEY WHEEL and before the comback), AJIRA time (after the comeback and up until Jacob's death), and AFTER JACOB time (well, after Jacob's death and up until now). Now…

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