Confusion About Time Travel Locke and MiB (Time Travel Paradox?)

In the episode "Because You Left", after John Locke is wounded by the beechcraft, Richard Alpert walks up to him, and instructs him of what he must do. However, in a later episode "Follow The Leader", it is revealed that the Man in Black, assuming the form of Locke, tells Richard to give time-shifting Locke in 2007 this information, which ultimately leads to real Locke's death. If the Man in Black was the reason that Locke ended up shifting himself the island and getting killed by Ben Linus, then how could the Man in Black initially assume the form of someone who wasn't dead yet? I thought the Man in Black could only assume the forms of people, whose dead bodies had come into contact with the island. Is this just a time travel paradox? --Killermike2178 04:55, July 29, 2011 (UTC)Killermike2178

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