Killah37 March 16, 2010 User blog:Killah37

After reading the whispers page i have a theory...

Alot of ppl think the whispers were the others or the monster, I on the other hand think it is the actually island thinking and "communicating."

The whispers usually always show up during a very crucial part of the show, i believe that early on in the show season 1 -3 the writters used the whispers as an erie sound effect to get the audiences attentiion. although now after so much has been revealed about the others and the smoke monster i have to conclude that the whispers are a completely different mystery on there own.

Whether you want to call it a higher power on the island or the actual island itself, i think it is the islands way of warning the losties. Warning them and/or reminding them of there past...who they really are and how they got to the island...

please, discuss amongst yourseleves...

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