• Kevin815

    Please don't read if you haven't watched "Everybody loves Hugo".

    So, Desmond hit Locke with his car. Here is my theory.

    1) Since Flocke tossed Desmond over the well, Desmond conscious jumped to the Alternate timeline. Making Desmond attempting to kill the Alternate Locke. (This is a bad theory)

    a)IF Desmond were to kill Locke. His mind will jump to the Original Timeline, so Alternate Locke will try to fight for its own body in the Original timeline causing multiple personality.

    Anywho, it's pretty obvious (no spoilers, just the top of my head) that ALT Locke is going to treated by Jack at the hospital, and will most likely fix his spine causing him to walk again.

    What are your theories?

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  • Kevin815

    A 3rd leader?

    February 3, 2010 by Kevin815

    So, there is Jacob and the MiB/Smokey, but who was in the cabin? It was surrounded by ashes, so Jacob or someone is trapping somebody in there.

    It can't be the MiB/Smokey because he appeared to people as ghost or as Smokey since season 1.

    And whatever is in the cabin is set free because there is an open area in the ashes.

    What do you think it is?

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  • Kevin815

    My Jacob and MIB Theory

    February 2, 2010 by Kevin815

    I believe that Jacob and MIB are both Aaron, Clare's baby.

    Aaron is suppose to be raised by Clare, but is being raised by Kate.

    Because of Aaron being raised by Kate, MIB (Man in Black) is winning the battle.

    Since MIB is can turn into people, he has appeared throughout the series. In the episode "There is no place like home", Kate was awaken by a phone call, it was whispers, but replayed backgrounds, it said " take him back to the island " and such. Couple seconds later, she heard noises in Aaron's room, it turned out to be Clare, and she screams at Kate telling her "Don't you dare bring him back, Kate."

    MIB transformed into Clare, to tell Kate to continue raising him. Why though? So he can win the war.

    This could somewhat explain the White(g…

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  • Kevin815

    My Richard Theory

    February 1, 2010 by Kevin815

    I've haven't seen season 6 yet, so no spoilers.

    I believe Richard HAS to be in the Black Rock, mainly because of his unknown age. There has been many assumptions about this, but I've notice something that no one has posted yet (or what Ive seen)

    Here is goes, In the episode " The Constant ", Desmond goes to find Widmore. He presented as the winner of an auction. The auction was the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock.

    In season 5 "The Incident", Ilana asks for "Richardus", Richard tells her "Actually it's Richard" and asks him about "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" I believe she received that name from the Journal.


    Jacob told her to see "Richardus".

    After reading this again, I think i'm wrong =P But if anyone wants to add on …

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  • Kevin815

    In the episode "One of them", Hurley had a stash of food. Hurley was eating Ranch dressing with something ( I forgot ), he mentions how it taste good.

    30 years back

    In the episode "Some like it Hoth", when Miles is delivering the body to Dr. Chang, Hurley jumps into the car with Miles with a load of sandwiches and a special delicious sauce.

    Now, could it be that Hurley created the Ranch dressing 30 years ago, and they used it as the DHARMA Ranch? that is why Hurley found it to be good 30 years later when he ate it.

    What do you think?

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