i just posted a blog recently about the "fact" published here on lostpedia that the circle of ash around the cabin was to contain MiB inside. its obvious this can not be confirmed in any way, so in accordance it should not be a published fact here on the site. in addition there are a few other similar instances i would like us to discuss, as i believe they fall in the same category:

-Sayid being brought back to life by MiB? im pretty sure there is no proof for that other than speculation.

-The sickness being caused by being revived by MiB? ties into whats stated above

-The Smoke Monster being "created" when MiB was pushed into the source. From the egyptian heiroglyphs inscribed beneath the temple, i think we can assert that the entity existed prior to this event.

-this was also posted on the "Mysteries" page:

       Why did Widmore bring Desmond?
   * Because Desmond was Jacob's fail-safe, ("What They Died For") as he was able to survive exposure to high amounts of electromagnetism ("Live Together, Die Alone") ("Happily Ever After"), and if all the candidates were to die, Desmond was suppose to remove the cork stone and destroy the Island, along with the Man in Black. ("What They Died For") ("The End") 

really people? this place needs to be cleaned of things people are just making up.

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