What does everyone think about Richard Alpert? There are some people debating that Richard is a Egyptian God. Now to me that seems to be contradicting the direction of the writers (don’t bite my head off yet) because the writers seem to be trying to maintain as much realism in this world that they created as possible.

Time travel was established little by little over a couple seasons and then backed by scientific jargon from Faraday. The way the writers achieved this made it seem possible and not as ridiculous as it could have been.

The same can be said about resurrection. We questioned what was going on with Christian since season 1. He was dead but then he was walking around in white shoes. We have known the island had selective healing powers since season 1. So when John Locke was ressurected we went with it.

But making someone a god seems to be crossing the bridge between realistic science fiction/ fantasy into the realm of just fantasy. There is no proof other than the fact that there was an egyptian looking statue and some hieroglyphs on the island to support Richard being an egyptian god. How do those artifacts correlate with Richard and make him a god? Make up artists don't put eyeliner on him...he's naturally thick lashed so that's not a clue or proof either.

Does anyone have any real canon based facts to support this theory? I would really be interested in hearing facts that could support this theory. As of now, I personally think Richard is undead like Christian Shepard and has been for a really really really long time and he doesn't age because of this.

P.S. I am not trying to make people mad or say people are wrong. I actually think it’s a neat theory. I love Egyptian mythology but I don’t see anything fact based in canon that supports this theory and I would love someone to tell me what those facts (not speculation) are. I’ve heard the theory many times but nothing to really connect Richard with Egypt or being a deity. Please don't be mean.

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