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March 7, 2009
  • Kellyn1881

    The blog "Be Here Now" got me thinking about spiritual advisors and leaders. So read that post then read mine. In that blog, Ber418 spoke of Richard as being the one to chose and seek out the new leader of the Others. This is true because the producers have said as much on their podcast. They also said that Richard acts as an advisor to Ben. The two of them keep the other in check and chose the replacement for the other if it becomes necessary.

    So my thought is maybe Locke is supposed to be the new Richard and Jack is supposed to be the new non-evil Ben. Jack has been in a leadership role since season 1. He is sitting back now because he doesn't realize his purpose yet. This is where Locke will come in. We have already seen him try to spiri…

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  • Kellyn1881

    Is Richard a god?

    April 5, 2009 by Kellyn1881

    What does everyone think about Richard Alpert? There are some people debating that Richard is a Egyptian God. Now to me that seems to be contradicting the direction of the writers (don’t bite my head off yet) because the writers seem to be trying to maintain as much realism in this world that they created as possible.

    Time travel was established little by little over a couple seasons and then backed by scientific jargon from Faraday. The way the writers achieved this made it seem possible and not as ridiculous as it could have been.

    The same can be said about resurrection. We questioned what was going on with Christian since season 1. He was dead but then he was walking around in white shoes. We have known the island had selective …

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  • Kellyn1881

    So, by now, we have all come to the conclusion that Richard does not age. Now is he an immortal being or is he a person that died and the island resurrected him (like Christian and John)?

    My personal belief is that he died at one point and was resurrected by the island to chose the next leader of the others. Now when did this happen? I don't know but my favorite thoughts are:

    1. He was on the Black Rock. He died on the way to their destination and when the ship ended up in the middle of the island, the island took a liking to Mr. Alpert and woke him back up.

    2. He is an actual native of the island and has been there from the beginning of the ancient civilization that carved the four toed statue and has been their since his death and resurrect…

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  • Kellyn1881

    Can some one explain to me why the D.I. would let someone that was supposed to be a mechanic do a c-section and attempt surgery on a little boy? It is weird to me that everyone from the D.I. was okay with this. How does giving a mechanic a scapel and saying "have at it" make sense? If I was part of the D.I. and I saw Juliet about to cut open my loved one I would say "What the hell is that grease monkey doing? My kid needs a bullet removed, not a tune up!"

    I am sure we will get an explanantion but I was just wondering if anyone else had had the same thought.

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  • Kellyn1881

    This is more of a question/thought that I would like to throw out there rather than a theory. In season 2, Michael is given a list of people to bring to the others so he and Walt can escape. Those people are Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer. Those are also the majority of the Dharmaville 70's crew that Ben met as a child. He wouldn't wait Sayid because Sayid shot him as a child and tortured him as an adult. He already had Juliet and apparently went to great lengths to get her on the island and keep her there. Hurley he let go because he wasn't a major player and Jin wasn't either.

    I can't help myself...I actually do have some theories. I think that Jack saves young Ben which makes Ben think Jack can save him from his tumor later on. He is alr…

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