• Kelevra84

    My theory so far....

    February 16, 2010 by Kelevra84

    I reckon that it's fairly obvious that the conflict between Jacob and MiB is the driving force behind the whole show. With that in mind, what's the signifcance of everything else? DHARMA? The Hanso Foundation? Widmore? The Others? The Losties? The whole time-loop/pan-dimensional aspect? Well...

    Everything, and I mean everything, we've seen so far is all part of the central Jacob/Mib conflict. Every single character, organisation and company we've seen in the show has been influenced by some extent, knowingly or not, by either Jacob or his nemesis. I mean, they've obviously been up to something on the island for centuries, perhaps millenia: bringing folk to the island for whatever reason, perhaps even influencing the course of humanity (…

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