This my first blog, so please don't write endless blogs about me, like you seem to be doing about a person, who isn't even here to defend themselves. The producer's love when people theorize, that's why they did the whole thing on APRIL fools day. You're RIGHT when people talk about a MONSTER ,a EGYPTIAN STATUE, A TEMPLE, or A MAN that NEVER AGES , or a MYSTERY Island with some GHOST MAN running it and TIME TRAVEL, it should ONLY be talked about with reasonable theories, LIKE Jack is Jacob, NO Aaron is Jacob, NO Vincent is Jacob AND QUOTE EVERY WORD EVER SAID BY THE PRODUCERS as Canon, YES that's what they WANT! A group Of PUPPETS, that say their every words and not have any orginial thoughts of their own. THIS MAKES SENSE that YOU think this, YOU who like to put other people theories' down are VERY MUCH THE DUMMIES, YOU FIGURED IT out! If you DON'T Like some ones theory, Comment under their Blogs and say why not or Ignore it. No Need to create entire blogs to them or coments in other people's blog about this other person. BE GROWN UPS and ADDRESS the BLOGGER Themselves who are grown ups ( Not sure that some of you are)Instead of bashing them behind there backs any time you get a CHANCE! you're a bunch Of BULLIES and THIS ISN'T HIGH SCHOOL!

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