Ah, finally, I've been banned for the last 2 weeks so I've had some time to think, and with last nights episode I have a(nother) new theory, although this one is pretty normal compared to most of mine. Okay, so basically the same converation MIB and Jacob had at the end of season 5, but with Jack and Ben. "you know how badly I wanna kill you right now, Jack?" " I know how badly you want this Island to yourself, Ben." "and?" "And you're not gonna trick me - not this time Ben." Or something along those lines, then we see Jack turn to the remaining Losties and say "Well guys, here we go again..." we hear the time-jumping noise from season 5, and as things start to shake Ben looks at Jack once again and says, "It only ends once." The camera pans up and we see a plane breaking up overhead, but it's not 815 - it's the plane that Desmond somehow convinces everyone in the flash sideways to get on. The camera pans over everyone's faces one last time, the screen shakes violently and suddely goes black, but instead of seeing the LOST caption we see flashsideways Jack waking up in the jungle, then he makes his way to the beach where all of the original survivors are gathered, and someone says "we're finally here." LOST

Now, I know alot of people have theories about the timelines meshing, I have others aswell, but I was thinking, I remember hearing in a previous season something about time passing differently on the island, and in the flash sideways they're about a week or so after the flight, so maybe the time for them will be a lot shorter than those still on the island? i'm ready for you to poke holes though it now everyone x]

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