Okay, so I've been thinking over the past few monthes that maybe the whispers in the jungle are actually from someone speaking in the same area, but in a different time. For example, back in season 1 when Sayid was leaving Rousseau's to return to the caves and becomes encircled with whispering sounds, what if the whispers are actually someone in a different time, but in the same spot? Like it could've even been Sayid himself, but in Dharma time. Or it could be an 'Other' from 10 years before, but in a different time? We still don't know if Lost will incorporate other dimensions or times into the final season. I've only read a couple of whuisper transcripts, and some of them make it sound like they're talking about the situation we're seeing on screen, but rarely to they ever refer to the person on screen by name, aprt from saying Him, her, she, he ,they etc. What do you guys think?

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