Last time I did this was a while back, wrapped up Sawyer's, Miles,Frank and Juliet's sister (Rachel) in the last one. ( there's the link :D So I was thinking I'd do Ben and Hurley (and a few surprises) here, before the epilogie comes out, so regard this as fandom x]

Ben & Hurley - After returning Desmond to civilization (If I do more , Des' will be explained in detail)Ben set out to teach everything about the island to Hurley, everything he had learned in his 30-something years there (including where the tasty cookies and saltines were kept :]. The pair walked all over the island, on the sailing expedition to the Hydra island (hurley dropped a few more belt sizes :D)Ben decided to divulge to Hurley a file Mikhail had given him when Ben had asked for details on all the survivors all those years ago. The file gave a detailed explanation on Elizabeth 'Libby'Smith's life up until the crash. (May answer that in more detail in another part). A few years passed, Hurley and Ben decicded to check up on the only other people left on the island, Rose and Bernard. Sadly, they found the couple in their tent, apparently having died in their sleep (cheesy but ohwell). After giving the couple a burial on Boone hill side by side, they were greeted by a familiar face, Vincent. So, after about 30 years had passed, the trio hadn't aged when their new arrivals came. A large boat appeared off the coast and landed on a small dingy. As Hurley and Ben surveyed the group of 4 from a short distance, the captain was greeted by an old friend, Vincent. The straggly dog ran through the water to meet Walt, this time Walt went too. Hurley couldn't help but chuckle as he shook hand with the 3 faces he recognized, Walt, Aaron, and Ji Yeon, all adults now. He hesitated on the final man, a boy with curly locks. "What's up dude? Hurley asked, the man smiled and took Hurley's hand. "I'm Charlie Hume. I've heard so much about you." he replied with a grin. Ben and Hurley knew it was now their time. That they had their replacements. Hurley now knew why Walt was so special all those years ago. "Now you're like me. he said as Walt drank from the cup. So, Hurley and Ben left on the boat the replacements had arrived in and returned to society, as far as they knew up until they're deaths, Walt, Aaron, Charlie and Ji Yeon were taking care of the island.

So if you guys liked this one (and the others) perhaps I'll make another part? I'm thinking Richard next, but I can take suggestions, or do the ones I mentioned here.

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