You may be reading that in a sarcastic tone x] But no, it's a serious question. How has Lost affected your life? what has Lost done for you, or gotten you interested in? And what have you done for it? Lost introduced me to the music of The Mamas and the Papas and Patsy Cline, Lost has made me think about everything in a new perspective. Before Lost I couldnt ever really find a show that could challenge me intellectually (not that I'm some braniac), I mean, I had never (and probably never will again) find a show that will keep me guessing to the very end, contemplate everyl ittle detail and reference, keep me up at night, inspire me to write over 500 (and counting) pages of fanfiction in its honor, or make me spend a huge amount of money on the merchandise and still NOT feel ripped off. Lost has even given me a nickname amongst my friends 'That girl who's obsessed with Lost' x]. I've watched countless movies solely because someone from Lost was in them. Overall, Lost really changed me, because I actually look forward to weekdays now. Yes, this was a little nerdy, but I'm sure alot of you must feel this way aswell?

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