Alright, here's my fandom summaries of what happened to the surviving characters,here I'll wrap up Sawyer, Frank, Miles and Rachel (Juliet's sister). If you never saw my previous page it's what happened to Kate & Claire (Sam Austen, Carole Littleton, Kevin Callis and Claire's letter also get wrapped up here), keep in mind these are just little tales to help give myself some closure, they are a bit cheesy and happyish though. x]

Sawyer - after returning to the USA, Sawyer immediately decided to track down his daughter, Clementine, and with Kate's help, he found Cassidy. At first Cassidy wanted nothing to do with Sawyer, but when Cassidy was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she allowed Sawyer somewhat frequent visitation. Sawyers next visit was to Juliet's sister, Rachel. Juliet had told Sawyer about her and Julius when they were living in Dharmaville. Unbeknownst to Sawyer that Kate's ex husband Kevin Callis was his father, he approached Rachel one afternoon in a park. Rachel didn't believe the man, until he told her why her sister hadn't left the island after those first 6 monthes. He told her everything that had happened to Juliet, and when he told her Jacob had healed her cancer, she began to believe him. Several years later, Cassidy passed away from the brain tumour, and Sawyer raised his daughter alone until she left for college. James was all alone in the world, until he saw a familiar face at a bar, Frank Lapidus. Frank and Miles had been working together since returning. Miles had been a 'Ghostbuster' of sorts for a government agency, until he was fired because of his 'sarcastic attitude'. So, Miles and Frank had decided to become treasure hunters, with Frank able to fly to any location and Miles' ability to commune with the dead, all they needed was a conman. The trio worked together for years, until Frank, at the age of 83, decided to try and fly the same route as Amelia Earhart had, and the 3 were never seen again.

Not a big fan of Sawyer, but I think I gave him a pretty decent wrap up? i just had to have Frank be this crazy elderly pilot though, and since alot of people theorized that Amelia Earhart was Eve, i threw her in aswell :] for part 3 I'm thinking I'll do Richard and possibly Desmond/Ben/Hurley? Unless you guys have other suggestions? I already have those all planned out though, along with Aaron, Walt, Ji Yeon and Charlie Hume x]

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