Okay, obviously I'm kinda wondering what happened to everyone who lived, but since obviously we won't get those answers, i decided to write a little fake story for the rest of them, like how at the end of a movie they'll show the character and say how the rest of their life went etc., I thought I'd do that, apologies for cheesiness and if there is any errors, I am aware of them but I wanted to make it work, just ignore it, I just tried to give everyone a relatively happy ending :]

Kate & Claire - After a shower, Claire and Kate returned to California where Claire was reintroduced to her son and her mother. Kate and Claire raised Aaron in a small town together, with Carole buying an adjacent property. The family remained together for a few years until Aaron eventually came to know Claire as his mother. Kate set out on a path of redemption, starting with Kevin Callis. Kevin was remarried to a woman named Rachel Carlson, they had a son named Julius. Kate's next stop was her mother. Diane's cancer had grown, but Kate managed to visit her on her deathbed and told her everything that had happened on the island, although neither forgave the other for their actions, Kate held her hand as she died. Claire, Aaron and Carole went on a trip to Australia sometime while Kate was away, and while going for a stroll on a beach, Claire found a familiar gull with her letter still attatched. At Diane's funeral, Kate reconnected with Sam Austen and invited him to stay with her and Claire, he accepted. Kate made one final stop on her way back to California, to visit Tom Brennan's family. Although she knew it would not make up for getting his father killed, Kate used the remainder of her settlement money to set up a college fund for his son, Connor. In the years that followed, Sam and Carole were married, making Claire and Kate step-sisters, and Kate became Aaron's aunt. Shortly after Aaron's high school graduation, Sam died of a stroke. Less than a year later, Carole followed suit. The night after Carole died, Claire began to get recurring dreams of Charlie, she never explicitly told anyone what happened in these dreams, but would smile and mention something called Greatest Hits.. Kate and Claire got into a serious car crash that left Claire in a vegetative state, but Kate was killed instantly at the age of 48. Aaron visited Claire everyday for nearly 4 years when she miraculously woke up, she told him of the island, every thing she could remember. Aaron was confused by his mother's ramblings, but she merely grasped his hand and smiled, saying "Charlie would've loved to see you grow up.". She passes away peacefully in her sleep that night.

So, what'd you guys think? If you want more I've got a few written down already (Sawyer, Hurley & Ben, Aaron and Ji Yeon)?

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