WWWIAF (Round 2)

Okay, I'll make this round now because the votes on the first round were practically unanimous Winners being Sawyer (Jack/Sawyer) and Ana Lucia (Kate/Ana). I'm making an addition from here on out (thanks to BMetcalf82 for the suggestion), there will now be a Male round, Female round, Weapons round (crossing genders is allowed, both party's need a weapon though) and a joke match. By the way, if you suggest a match in the comments and I use it I'll give you credit, but I can't promise I'll pick your match x]

Men: Jin vs. Sayid (FlashMedallion) Female: Rousseau vs. Juliet (hand to hand only) Weapon round:Mr. Eko w/ Jesus Stick vs. Ben w/baton Joke match (suggested by FlashMedallion again x]): Hurley vs. Rose (If he says Live Together Die Alone it's freaking over.)

I say Sayid, Juliet, Undecided, Rose.

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