'Adam and Eve' are a popular topic, I didn't see this theory so I thought I'd get some opinions. We know that the skeletons were male and female, had been dead about 40-50 years in 2004 and were carrying one white rock and one black rock. Jacob's nemesis and Jacob himself are shown to be wearing white clothing and black clothing, light hair dark hair etc. So I was thinking that even though the actor who portrayed Jacob's 'nemesis' is a man, we know it can shapeshift. Assuming that the nemesis has manifested itself as the black smoke and 'visions' on the island, maybe even some of the animals (Hurley bird). Assuming it was the visions of Christian, Boone, Ana Lucia, Libby etc. than it can switch between genders and species. If the nemesis' true form is human, how can we assume it's male? Leaving out all of the 'Jack is looking at his own skeleton' time travel theories, could it be that Adam and Eve are really Jacob and his nemesis, that the died 40-50 years before the crash of 815, and that the Jacob we saw in the statue, that Ben 'killed' was just another manifestation of either the nemesis or the real Jacob? Who's to say he can't shapeshift aswell? Thoughts?

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