You may not really get this if you haven't played the videogame Lost: Via Domus, but if you have...

 Since season 5 we can FINALLY conclude what the ending of Via Domus is, even though the game was released in 2007 we didn't see timeshifts on the island until season 5. In the ending of the game, a time shift occurs after the games protagonist (Elliott) retrieves his camera that shows evidence of a man named Zoran Savo executing a reporter named Lisa Gelhorn, the Others capture Elliott and apparently Juliet sees that if Elliott can get off the island with the photogtraphic evidence of Lisa's murder than Savo can be brought to justice. However when Elliott gets on a small boat to finally leave the island he heards a static-y radio plea for help, looks up and notices the mid-air break up of Oceanic Flight 815, the plane that he was on. A timeshift occurs and Elliott awakens on the island after the crash, on the beach amidst the wreckage and sees Lisa running up to him saying 'Oh My God, Elliott! We're alive!' Perhaps this proves that if a character can 'set things right' then they can actually change the future. Elliott changed from a selfish photographer that would do anything to further his own career, including getting another reporter (and former love interest) killed. Over the course of his time on the island he actually saved Jack and Kate's life by blocking them from and explosion. Even though the game is considered mostly non-canon, does it prove that the losties will 'set things right' by destroying the Hatch?
I talked a little about this in my 'Possible End Clue in Season 2?' blog.

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