I'm sure you're wondering what MIC stands for, Man In Cabin from MBTC. So after rewatching The Man Behind The Curtain again last night I thought I'd renew a theory of mine. When I posted this theory shortly after season 5 all I got were people calling it bull, but still I stand by it. I think that Jacob did not live in the cabin, since we know he lives in the statue I thought what if MIB resided in the cabin? Maybe he even told Ben that he was Jacob. Locke heard the MIC say 'Help Me', now what if this was actually the MIB reaching out to Locke in season 3 to voluntarily help him for assassinating Jacob? If Jacob is light and MIB is dark that could explain why the MIC started a shit storm after Locke shone the light on him? If Locke shined light on the dark (disobeying his anti-technology request) that probably would've ticked of MIB, so he decided not to ask Locke again, but instead after Locke ran out and Ben stayed in MIC ordered Ben to kill Locke, so that MIB could take on his form. But Locke was motivated by Walt (or a vision of him that could've been Jacob)to not kill himself, thus not allowing the MIB to become Flocke. If Ben was ordered by MIB that was what drove him to kill Locke in season 5, then Ben got Jack to lug Locke's corpse back to the Island to be 'absorbed', thus giving MIB the oppurtunity to become Flocke and kill Jacob himself, through Ben. If you think of Ben as MIB puppet/pawn it makes sense, anyone have any thoughts?

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