Ironic roles for Lost actors?

Pretty bored, so I was just wondering who else has seen some of the Lost actors in other roles, that were ironic to their characters on lost? for example: Eko played a vicious henchman who was all to eager to kill an 8 year old in The Mummy Returns, Desmond was a drug dealer and weapons smuggler in Hitman. Claire was a snotty teenager who got raped by mutants (in an attempt to get her pregnant) in the Hills Have Eyes, Miles played a snarky detective in Saw, Ben played a lowball henchman in Saw aswell. Bernard was the principal who banged Forrest's mom in Forrest Gump. Just to name a couple - but on a side note, I also found it weird that in Party of five Matthew Fox's character is named charlie, and in Afterwards Evangeline Lilly plays a photographer and mother named Claire x] So - anything you guys have seen, or shall this be another forgotten blog?

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