After just rewatching 'Raised By Another' I began to think. Richard Malkin was begging and pleading with Claire to raise Aaron alone so that her goodness (light) would be an influence on the child. Assuming everyone is up to date with the episodes, Claire also told Kate through Kate's dream to never bring Aaron back, now why would that be? Because for the 3 years off the island Claire was not raising Aaron and he was 'Raised by Another', not that I think Kate is evil or anything but what if Claire is one of Jacob's pawns? (with all the recent pawn talk who knows?) So if it is like chess and Jacob and MIB are the white King and the black King then what if Claire is sort of like the white Queen? And MIB, if Aaron is brought back to the island, will turn Aaron into a dark pawn, or even his own successor? But if Claire raises him then Aaron will become Jacob's pawn? Basically if Claire raised Aaron he will be good, if not, evil. Thoughts?

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