Is it just me, or does every character on lost have/had at least one great love in their life on or off the island, I mean, Jack had Sarah, Sawyer had Cassidy, Kate had Tom, Sayid had Nadia, Locke had Helen, Jin and Sun have each other (and I guess Jae Lee could count aswell?), Claire had Thomas, Nikki and Paulo, Charlie had Lucy ('The Moose'), Desmond and Penny have each other, etc, etc. Now alot of the Losties either had their partner die or leave them, with the exception of Jin & Sun and Rose & Bernard, everyone was single. Now I'm not a Jate or Skate fan but think about it, Kate's Tom died and Sarah divorced Jack and moved on, but Cassidy is still alive for Sawyer. And pretty much everybody who was single has had some sort of romance on the island? The Love Triangle (or square if you count Juliet), Sayid had Shannon (and isn't it funny that after searching for Nadia for years and finally knows she's alive and on his way to see her, then 815 crashes, and within 40 days he decides to bang the 20 year old?) Charlie and Claire, Hurley and Libby, Ana and Jack/Sawyer, Juliet and Goodwin/Jack/Sawyer (and Ben liked her too, hussie.) This isn't really breaking news, but just some possible evidence that Kate will choose Jack,

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