This is a continuation of my last blog here, I'd just like to remind you all to put a number in front of your post because we are in fact over a hundred x] I'll start us off then. 101. Only Sayid can be shot by himself, Mikhail, Elsa, an Other with a dart gun, an Other with a real gun, and survive x] 102. That stuffing your daughter's boyfriend in a cage so he doesn't get her pregnant is not the best way to keep them apart. 103. Kelvin Inman also does the voice of Mr. Krabs and Dr. Neo Cortex. 104. Christian Shephard has been everywhere 105. Jin will not pee on your foot 106. Don't assume that just because you're one of the most attractive people on the island Mr. Friendly will be interested. 107. Pay attention to the Beach Boys music, you never know when it will come in handy. 108. (Oh I just had to) Since watching the show, you will find yourself looking at the clock at exactly 1:08, 3:16 and 8:15.

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