I'm aware there are well over a hundred, in fact i'm sure we could each name a thousand x] So let's all contribute, (just try not to be a space hog like me x]) If (and when) we go over I can make another thread, and i you guys don't post I will! Lol, Let's begin!

1. Never give Michael the combination 2.That if you get a tattoo in Thailand, it's written in Chinese. 3. If someone ever steals your kidney, you'll thank them one day when a bullet passes through it's former residence. 4. That if you crash on a stranded island with 40+ other people, you will never die of natural causes. 5. That if you can yell alot and breath heavily, you can be the star of a hit ABC show. 6. Never assume the man with an eyepatch is dead - scratch that - never assume ANYBODY is dead 7. If you come out of nowhere, you will be buried alive/blown up with dynamite/shot by Michael/shot by Ana-Lucia. 8. Polar bears are not fans of hairspray 9. That a Bloody Rock God/ Hobbit is like a cat, he has 9 lives. 10. If you've been on Lost, you've been on CSI. 11. If you were a porcupine in XMen 3 back in 2006, in 2008 you can see dead people. 12. Gingers and time travelling do not mix well. 13. That if you preach, lost faith, preach and repeat 'Don't tell me what I can't do', it takes five seasons to kill your bald ass. 14. That the giant smoke monster who somehow thrahses through the jungle, makes terrifying, spine tingling noises, rips pilots from cockpits and tosses they're mutilated corpses into trees, plays Judge Judy for anyone on the island, is a surrounding projector and does not like fences is actually Titus Welliver. 15. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are cruel, cruel masterminds who love to torment us all.

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