Still having Lost withdrawals? You're not alone...ever since Lost ended, people have been clamoring for more J.J Abrams shows filled with twists, turns, and mythology like you can't even imagine! While Fringe does fulfill some of that yearning for me, there's going to be a new show this fall on FOX that'll be quite similar to Lost!

The newest J.J Abrams series on the block is Alcatraz, (another island!) a show where a group of people vanish from Alcatraz and reappear in the present, shocking the world. Where have they been? Why are they here? Filled with conspiracy theories, government involvement, and forever young people suspended in time, Alcatraz promises to be an epic adventure!

Watch this amazing trailer and tell us what you think!



Kate.moon 20:22, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

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