Just felt like making a list, in case anyone wanted to use it for something.

I have some ideas now, and wanted to see if any of you had any other suggestions. Preferably nothing too similar to any of these, although I'll make exceptions if they're interesting enough.

It would help if you included answers (as well as possibly supplying answers for the few I don't have). XD

My list as of now:

Who was the fifth named identifiable survivor to die? (Answer: Joanna Miller; the first 4 were Gary Troup, Seth Norris, Edward Mars, and Donald)

Who is the tenth main character to die? (Answer: Charlotte Lewis)

Which was the only episode where Paulo appears without Nikki, and vice-versa? (Answer: Paulo appears in "Every Man for Himself", Nikki in "Ji Yeon")

Who was the third Other to die in Season 3? (Answer: Beatrice Klugh; the first 2 were Colleen and Danny Pickett)

How many days separated the deaths of the Other infiltrators, Ethan and Goodwin? (Answer: 2)

Who was the last person to speak to Ilana alive? (Answer: Hurley)

How many flashback episodes did Eko have? (Answer: 4)

I'll add more eventually.

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