For me:

Season 1: "The Greater Good", "The Moth", "Pilot, Part 2"
Season 2: "Abandoned", "The Other 48 Days", "?"
Season 3: "One Of Us", "Enter 77", "Exposé"
Season 4: "The Beginning of the End", "Meet Kevin Johnson", "Ji Yeon"
Season 5: "The Variable", "316", "Some Like It Hoth"
Season 6: "Ab Aeterno", "The Candidate", "Sundown"
Overall: "The Variable", "Abandoned"/"The Other 48 Days" (tie), "The Greater Good"
Honorable mentions: "Collision", "This Place Is Death", "Confirmed Dead", "The Incident, Part 1", "The Shape of Things to Come", "What They Died For"

And just for fun, least favorites:

Season 1: "Walkabout", "Special", "...In Translation"
Season 2: "Dave", "What Kate Did", "The Long Con"
Season 3: "Left Behind", "Par Avion", "Every Man For Himself"
Season 4: "Cabin Fever", "The Shape of Things to Come", "Eggtown"
Season 5: "Namaste", "LaFleur", "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
Season 6: "The Substitute", "Dr. Linus", "Everybody Loves Hugo"
Overall: "The New Man In Charge" (lol), "Dave", "Left Behind"

Commence mass disapproval.

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