• KarasuGamma

    Just felt like making a list, in case anyone wanted to use it for something.

    I have some ideas now, and wanted to see if any of you had any other suggestions. Preferably nothing too similar to any of these, although I'll make exceptions if they're interesting enough.

    It would help if you included answers (as well as possibly supplying answers for the few I don't have). XD

    My list as of now:

    Who was the fifth named identifiable survivor to die? (Answer: Joanna Miller; the first 4 were Gary Troup, Seth Norris, Edward Mars, and Donald)

    Who is the tenth main character to die? (Answer: Charlotte Lewis)

    Which was the only episode where Paulo appears without Nikki, and vice-versa? (Answer: Paulo appears in , Nikki in )

    Who was the third Other to die in …

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  • KarasuGamma


    For me:

    Season 1: "The Greater Good", "The Moth", "Pilot, Part 2"
    Season 2: "Abandoned", "The Other 48 Days", "?"
    Season 3: "One Of Us", "Enter 77", "Exposé"
    Season 4: "The Beginning of the End", "Meet Kevin Johnson", "Ji Yeon"
    Season 5: "The Variable", "316", "Some Like It Hoth"
    Season 6: "Ab Aeterno", "The Candidate", "Sundown"
    Overall: "The Variable", "Abandoned"/"The Other 48 Days" (tie), "The Greater Good"
    Honorable mentions: "Collision", "This Place Is Death", "Confirmed Dead", "The Incident, Part 1", "The Shape of Things to Come", "What They Died For"

    And just for fun, least favorites:

    Season 1: "Walkabout", "Special", "...In Translation"
    Season 2: "Dave", "What Kate Did", "The Long Con"
    Season 3: "Left Behind", "Par Avion", "…

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    Historical Reference

    October 14, 2010 by KarasuGamma

    Seriously, what's the point?

    Having this on a theories page is practically pointless. Just because the show's over doesn't mean that most of the theories are invalid. Some of the archived theory pages do have interesting gems and ideas in them, and the OBE policy seems entirely counter-intuitive.

    Leaving the theories pages visible, without forcing users to go through the history, is a much better option than just hiding it all with a green box.

    I don't see anything wrong with leaving them open for continued discussion and speculation, since it's one of the few things left that would logically continue to generate interest. If the plan is to hide theories behind an archive template, then why even leave them up in the first place?

    Overall, havin…

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