• Kansasbandfan

    Now that the end is really close, I would like to express my doubts, about the line the writers have chosen to "move". Science fiction is now a big part of Lost, since season 4. The science-fiction elements, weren't obvious in the first 3 seasons, but when Ben, turned that wheel and the island disappeared, everything changed. It's not that I didn't like the plot. I did. But I would like to see a non-science fiction-based ending. I don't like easy solutions. "Turn the wheel, we have found another way out to the plot" I want an end, rewarding, worthy of the beginning, of this awesome show. I want a proper LOST end, and not sth "cheap", alien crap...

    What do you think about this? Do you think that there's too much science fiction in the plot?

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  • Kansasbandfan

    Yeah, I'm kind of thrilled due to the Lost premiere and I thought about signing up in here. Being a great fan since the very first episode back in 2004, it brings me back good memories. It's great to see all this love for the show I love and I hope that it won't be forgotten when it will end. :-(

    So, this is my first post in the "lostpedia" blog, really helps me to "adapt" in here.

    Greetings from Greece.

    Kansasbandfan, Despoina

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