Kadkadael 16:04, January 28, 2011 (UTC)Cindy BottenfieldBold text Some people can sing, some people can dance. Some people can't .I would like to write it doesn't mean I can.From Lao Tzu's writings to Plato's and Socrates, Saint Augustine, The Golden Ass, Pilgrim's Progress, Isiaac Luria, also Albert Pike, the 13th sign of the zodiac,Venus that traces a pentagram in the sky every so many years. Sirius the Godstar, the seven sisters the pleiades,the 6th and 7th books of Moses , Aleister Crowley and Henry Cornnelius Agrippa this is just some of the liteteure that can be read. The Sacred Books of the East. The Six Books of The Enneads . All of this is just the beginning of a journey to discover and to enlighten the mind . And to gain hidden wisdoms and knowledges, that most people hasn't power to know about. It is a journey to free the mind and gain insight and also to free the soul from its chains and shackles of stiff upbringings of religions and rituals. It is a path you can take to to embrace all gnostics beliefs the Pistis Sophia, The Shephard Hermas, The Epistal of Barnababas The codex Sinaticus and there is some more. Even the enligtened Buddah could be a helping hand for closures and new beginnings. If I was to say to the atheiest who was picking a new religion I would say he would have alot to choose from and to study before choosing. Because there is alot of Gods and alot of religions but in the end there is but one god I believe its not the god but the road to the god that is the journey to perfect peace.

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