According to Eloise, Desmond was "not ready" yet...I already threw it out there that I think that means taht Desmond cannot proceed to fulfill his purpose without the other Losties.

Desmond is getting that manifest...

...Where have most all of the 815-ers been/or on their way/or could still potentially end up in the Alt Timeline? The hospital.

I have this crazy idea that all the important Losties are going to be there at the exact same time and Desmond is going to get through to them, the way Charlie and Daniel got through to Desmond...and then alllll their momories will bleed together.

1. Jack's at the hospital working 2. Sun/Jin are on their way because of poor Sun's being shot 3. Charlie is there 4. One could GUESS that Juliet would be there because she's a baby doctor 5. Kate & Claire will probably be heading there soon if Claire goes into labor 6. Sawyer and Miles COULD show up there, as part of their job to question a patient, like Charlie, who drove someone's car into the ocean. 7. Sayid COULD show up to see his brother, who had been beat up by Keamy and his goons. ....who I leaving anyone out?

Anyway, I probably sound like a crazy person...but I don't care! It's fun to Lost-speculate!

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