Hey, this is my first post here on Lostpedia, and it's just a small probably insignificant question in the grand scheme of things, but what do you all think that ABC and Sky (and all the other channels Lost is featured on) are going to do about promoting the final series before its release without revealing any major plot points? Think about it, before every season so far we've had a pretty good idea about what is to be expected based on previous finales. Season 1 promotions gave us the basics - survivors of a plane crash, mysterious island, yadda yadda... Season 2 we knew would be about the hatch and the fate of the raft crew and the adverts teased us with images that are now totally synonymous with the events of series 2, eg. the button, the countdown timer, the tailies on the beach. Season 3 was blatantly focused on the escape from the Others, cue images of cages, running through the jungle etc. Similarly the fourth season would be about the rescue crew and freighter, so we got snaps of them (Faraday's iconic line about rescue not being the primary objective was literally in every promo i watched) And of course season 5 cleverly dodged showing us what happened to those left behind with the flashes and instead focussed on the Oceanic 6 trying to return as it what we were anticipating after the Series 4 finale. We literally have no idea whatsoever about what will happen in Season 6, other than a few executive hints that old faces such as Charlie and Shannon will be returning, so how can they possibly advertise the series when the time comes? Thoughts please? And thanks for reading :P

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