Much has been made about the appearance of Jacob in the season 5 finale entitled “The Incident.” And it is obvious the he plays an essential role in the plot of the series as a whole, and in the season to come. My theory has a lot to do with the relationship between Jacob and the man he can be seen talking with in the black shirt that will hereafter be referred to as “Otherman.” My theory also will make many references to the movie “Constantine” starring Keanu Reeves. If you have not seen it, I recommend it not only for the purpose of understanding this theory, but also because it is a great movie. So, basically I think that the storyline in Constantine and the overall story behind Lost are one in the same. In Constantine, Earth and humans are really just in the middle of a wager made between God and the Devil. The wager was for the souls of all mankind. The conditions of this bet were simple, no direct contact with humans, only indirect influence. You see, God believed that humans really were good in their hearts, while the Devil, obviously believed the opposite. Now I believe that the two characters seen in the opening moments of the season 5 finale (Jacob and Otherman) were God and the Devil respectively. And I believe that the reason for their being on Earth was to observe their wager. There was one line that really prompted this theory, when Otherman says “You brought them here to prove me wrong.” And then goes on to say how humans only corrupt, pillage and destroy. Jacob replies by telling Otherman that he is wrong. I believe that they were talking about their bet. Then, Otherman goes on to say that one day he will find a loophole, to kill Jacob. A few other supporting connections, first, as I’m sure you’re aware, John Locke from Lost shares a name with British Philosopher John Locke, who believed that people were inherently good. While Rousseau, also a European Philosopher, argued that people are selfish and violent by nature. This could be what the two men were talking about on the beach when Othermen said that Jacob just wanted to “prove him wrong” they could be talking about their bet, and the general soul of humanity. Next, the infamous loophole that Otherman claims to have finally found. In Constantine, the one condition of the bet is that neither side can have direct influence. In Lost we see Jacob having contact with many of the characters. But there is only one character that he has a direct impact on. Jacob brings John Locke back to life after being thrown out of a window. I would say that is direct contact, thus nullifying the bet between Jacob and Otherman. I believe this is the loophole that Otherman found, and what allowed Jacob to be killed. I am open to comments and questions, anyone have any thoughts?

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