As some of you are aware, I've been a Beta Tester for the New Look wiki for the past month. A group of over 400 users, from various wikis have been testing the "new look" and providing feedback for improvements during this timeframe.

Beta Testers have been getting consistent responsive updates from the wiki staff regarding our feedback and what is and is not possible now and in the future and why. Keep in mind the New Look as it is now, is the foundation from which we will together build a new, contemporary and more efficient environment for Lostpedia and other groups in the wiki world. So even when the new look is released for all of us, there is still opportunity to evolve the look and feel of our new environment.

After hearing some positive, negative and sometimes inaccurate feedback about this change, I thought it might be a good idea for me post this blog for all of you.

1. Posted here will be the most current, accurate information about the New Look wiki that will be introduced soon.
2. Links and updates will also be posted as they become available. Some links will give you the chance to experience the New Look Wiki, before it's introduction.
3. This blog will give you the chance to ask your questions, provide feedback and get responses to your comments.

Remember, we are making this change together and you are part of the process as we evolve the new look to work for us on Lostpedia. Your comments are always welcome, positive, negative, and inbetween. Just be nice when giving the negative opportunities for improvement. The more effectively we communicate, the better chance we have of creating an environment that works for us. This does not mean, we will get everything we ask for, but I will do my best to communicate whatever information I can that explains why some changes may or may not be possible. Be sure to follow this blog and check back for any new links, answers to questions and new updates.

Thanks! --Just Sayin' JSTalk LBC LBCTalk eMail 12:01, September 30, 2010 (UTC)



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Questions and Answers

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Lostpedia Questions and Answers

Questions Answered

Q: I don't understand why Lostpedia has to change. Why can't we just keep this site as it is?

A: Answer provided in the Q & A link above.

Q: The fixed width seems too restictive and limiting, especially on the article pages. Can this be adjusted?

A: Answer provided the Q & A link above

Q: On the Test New Look Wikis, I noticed there is a comment section on the article pages. Is this an option?

A: The comment sections on the Test Wikis are not part of the New Look. The comment sections are optional and the test wikis have used this option for some time.

Q: Are the comments reversed, most recent to last, on the talk pages?

A: No, see Kermit the Frog's Talk Page.

Q: We don't like the Badges. How do we get rid of them?

A: You can provide your feedback about the Badges with Special:Contact. Also, you can remove the badges via your PREFERENCES options. Click the MISC tab and click the box for Hide my achievements on my user page when I visit it and don't notify me of earned badges.

Q: In the blogs, comments are in reverse order, most recent first. Will we have an option to reverse the order?

A: From Susan Taylor (Wiki Staff): We spent a lot of time reasoning out the sort order for comments and our team has decided that while this isn’t necessarily the way everyone prefers to read comments the best choice for the whole community is to show the newest comment first. In order to maintain a cleaner, simpler layout there will not be an option to change this sort order in the current release. Keep in mind, a future release may be able to handle this request. I'll keep you posted if an option later becomes available.
Additional comment from Susan Taylor: To keep conversations engaging and fresh, the default sort order for comments will now be newest first. This mirrors best practices commenting on many other sites around the web including Youtube, and Blogger.

Q: Also in the blogs, there are pages for the comments. Will we have an option to have pages or one long string of comments?

A: From Susan Taylor: Large numbers of comments slow down page load times and keep content from appearing quickly. To keep pages running speedily we’ve added pagination to comments. Right now each page can contain 20 comments, and allows for an unlimited number of threaded replies. This explains the reason why this change was made. I'm not sure if it's possible to add the option, but I will keep you posted of any changes.

Q: I don't care too much about signatures myself, but does the new look reduce them to plain text? Or do Muppet Wiki users just not like signatures?

A: As a Beta Tester, my custom signature is working fine. Also, if you look closer at the Muppet link, you'll see there are a few custom signatures, although modestly done compared to some of we've seen.

Q: Is it possible to get a "Theory page" button link from the Main Article page?

A: Theory pages are unique to Lostpedia. Although a Theory tab is not possible with the New Look, we can design our own Theory Page link or utilize a header template from the Main Article page. Also, with the current beta test, I've noticed Theory pages can still be accessed by adding "/Theories" to the end of any Main Article name. ie. "Jack Shephard/Theories" or "Lost: Messages from the Island/Theories." This method can be used until we are able to establish Theory links or header template with the New Look. We may also want to decide if Theory pages are still needed for the main articles, since the series has concluded.

Q: So when this change happens, will we still have our trademark Ocean banner at the top with Ajira 316 taking off?

A: Yes, It's a full page of the same banner.

Q: Do we really need the contributing user name on images?

A: BalkOfFame has created a new Image Template that excludes the attribution feature.

Q: Is it possible to bring new replies and their respective thread to the top of the list, similar to new comments? OR When a user clicks a comment or reply link, take them directly to that comment/reply?

A: Yes, this feature is being worked on, and will return to blogs eventually.

Questions Pending

New Updates

  • Users will get the "New Look" sometime between October 6th and 20th.
  • Monaco skin will no longer be an option beginning November 3rd.


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