For anyone who didnt catch that.

1. I would never leave Lostpedia because it is the greatest site in the world, and if I didnt have this site to talk about LOST on I doubt I could communicate with the real world about anything besides LOST ha.

2. I think its funny that people make a post announcing that they are leaving (like anyone really gives a shit). What they are doing is just trying to gain some attention and have people feel bad for them. I cant see how someone can take something someone says online personal. Its like watching porn online and telling everyone you got laid ha.

3. Lastly, thanks to everyone who was a good sport about it and also the people who told it like it was and said I should just leave the site instead of posting it ha.

You guys are the best and I look forward to blogging at least til its over and I rather like that porno analogy I came up with ha.

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