Lasts night episode was only average in my book, however, there has been some nice answers to some questions weve been having. We figured out how Jin got into the freezer (even though I thought that was pretty predictable with his money getting confiscated). I thought it was pretty crazy Sun got shot in the stomach and said she was pregnant. However, Im pretty sure that kid wouldn't be Ji Won (awful spelling im sure), since it appears Jin and Sun hadn't hooked up until in the hotel, however, Keamy did say he job was to kill Jin for that very reason so perhaps they did hook up in Korea.

We finally got to see what the package was (even though I called it was Desmond for a while now because it really couldn't be anyone else except maybe Walt)

Two favorite parts of the night: 1. The return of MIKHAIL! I always knew he would back considering he can never die ha. I can't wait til they go back to the flash sideways to see Mikhail get up and go kill Charlie. (Since he killed him in the original timeline, I believe he will have to do it in the flash sideways). This probably won't happen, but as you can see I am a big fan of Mikhail! I bet the final episode will revolve around him. :)

2. The creepy ass stare that Sayid gave Desmond at the end of the episode. It was shown entirely too long to the point that I saw it as humorous. I mean if you think about it Sayid just had to see who it was and return. But for some unneccesary reason he got right up to Desmonds face and just stared for 5 minutes. Also a fan of Desmonds drugged up reaction.

And just for shits and giggles, is anyone else in disbelief that the short little fat guy working for Widmore was actually that good of a sniper at the beginning of the episode? Worst casting call ever.

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