First my apologies for not blogging as much recently but I am petrified of spoilers especially this far into the game. However, I wanted to make a quick post thanking everyone who read my blog, the makers of LOSTpedia, all fans, and everyone involved with LOST.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog, it was great for me to post questions or remarks and get genuine comments back on it that were able to help me enjoy LOST even more. I also was glad to see some of my outlandish ideas were actually not as crazy as I thought and actually accepted by a lot of people on this site. I guess LOST just poisoned all of our minds so now we think differently then the rest of the world. I usually tried to comment back on peoples blogs as much as I could. Together we made it through this wild chapter of our lives and for that I thank you.

Thanks to the makers of LOSTpedia. To your credit no "pedia" site for any other program even comes closer to rivaling this one. It is far and away the best of the best. It was because of this fantastic site that I was able to always have new theories on LOST and eventually blog about them. Although, I really only started blogging for the final season, I was on this website all the time since season 2. Thanks for everything you guys have started, if it wasn't for you guys I doubt the fans would be as highly informed as they are about the show. I hope you guys continue to make "pedia" websites for other things you enjoy. They will be a guaranteed success.

Thanks to all fans whether just the occasional viewer or the constant editor. Together we have been on a journey unlike anything any of us have experienced. No TV show has really been able to keep my interest and effect me as much as LOST. I am sure it is the same for most of you guys. I can really see LOST becoming the equivalent of how fans are with Star Trek. I say we call ourselves "Losties" if we aren't already called that.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who helped be a part of LOST. You really created the greatest show of all time. The writers, the actors, the produces, the directors, everyone! Thank you! I could go into detail even more, but I will some it up with this. You were able to make me spend 6 years of my life in almost a constant thought about your show. That should be more of a compliment than any other words I could say. Because dedicated time to something is the biggest compliment you can give to that thing.

Finally, now I will have some time now to try out some new shows. I was hoping to hear some of your favorite TV shows and why. I have Netflix so I can get just about any show. I am hoping to get into a new one whether it is still going or already completed. Please leave your comments.

The only other shows I watch consistently are Californication and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I also watched Heroes and 24 for a few seasons however, I kind of dropped out of them towards the end. Both Californication and Sunny have incredible writing for comedy and I find them both hilarious. I strongly recommend both of them to anyone who is interested in always having a good laugh.

Well thanks one last time and I look forward to randomly running into you on other "pedia" sites.

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