It was an alright episode in my opinion. The FST was pretty cool that they were all meeting up and now it seems they are almost all connected or at least in close proximity to each other. It was cool Ilana was the lawyer and the Sun and the baby were ok.

On the island though, some interesting stuff.

1. MIB said he was Christian the whole time. Anyone else not believe this? 1. Christians body was missing, so that still have to be explained. 2. Christian was so influential in the show that I don't think they will end it like that for him.

2. Also why do you think Widmore changed his mind on the deal or whatever? Does he want them for some reason?

3. I dont think Desmond died. I think he was able to change Sayid. As Sayid stated earlier he no longer felt emotions, but when MIB asked him what took him so long he acted like he needed some time after killing Desmond. I don't buy it. Hopefully he helped Desmond out of the well.

4. Sawyer saying that Lapidus looks like an extra in a Burt Reynolds movie had to be one of my favorite Sawyer lines ever. lol

5. Hopefully now that Jack is with MIB we will finally learn some stuff about MIB.

6. I can't wait to see Richard, Ben, and Miles show up 3 Muskateer style and save the day. (Highly doubtful, I actually think they probably will all die before the show ends).

7. Anyone else a little annoyed that Widmores geophysicist line up is inflicting more fear then the military group he hired. I mean Keamy and his army group were scary as shit, but apparently everyone on the island is more afraid of these new people, considering they get there way everytime.

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