From what I have seen so far it appears that almost everyone believes that Widmore is on MIB's side. Am I the only one who thinks that he is on Jacob's side? To me it seems that people are only saying this because Ben has now joined Jacobs side. However up until this episode Ben appeared to be on MIBs side which helped make it that Widmore would be on Jacobs. However, just because Ben switched doesn't mean that Widmore would also. They are rivals and hate each other, but I still think they are on the same team. Plus Jacob said told Hurley in Lighthouse that the person would find a way to get here. And right before Jacob died he said They are coming and MIB seemed at least slightly nervous. I believe Widmore is that person coming and he is on Jacobs side. Now I can't wait to see him and Ben meet each other again and realize they are on the same team.

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