I'm starting to realize that most of my questions won't be answered which really upsets me. I ranted about how angry I am in my previous blog so I'm going to leave the ranting over there. A few questions I hope will still get answered, but probably won't are:

1. Who is Christian? Now we know MIB said it was himself playing Christian when Jack saw him at the beginning and I guess if you want that means every sighting of Christian was MIB. HOWEVER, Christian was seen by his son, Jack off the island after he already died.

2. Why was Walt special? This was a huge plot in the first season. I mean the Others captured him and Michael was concerned about what they were doing to him. I mean you could pretty much write out both of those characters if Walt's "specialness" never gets answered and considering we haven't seen him for a while I am guessing we will never know. I mean in his flashback he looked at a bird in a magazine and that specific bird flew into the window a few seconds earlier. That was about the closest we got to seeing his "specialness" and I really wished they would have went into it more.

3. Everything on the Smoke Monster (Not a question, because I have hundreds about it). I know that he is the MIB and we know a lot about him, even how he became the Smoke Monster. But was anyone really satisfied with that? I know I wasn't. Falling into a Golden Cave and all of a sudden the smoke monster comes out. This explains how he became the Smoke Monster, I guess, but not really. But how can the Smoke Monster shape shift into anyone he wants? Why did he have to stay as Locke after Jacob died? How can he see into peoples memories? Etc.

4. What is the island? I know this is generic, but it still never really got explained. I guess I am more concerned how does the island have the properties it does. For instance, never being able to be found unless it wants you to. How is it able to travel through time? What is at the center of the island (besides a golden cave that we don't get to see into)? How does it have healing properties? How was it able to disappear with the turn of the wheel?

5. What are the rules about? MIB can't kill Jacob unless theres a loophole, why? Why can Richard live forever? Why can Jacob and Richard leave the island but MIB cant? What about the Candidates and who can kill who?

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