I loved this episode. This episode it hit me that the conclusion is near, but I think I will be okay once it does. It seems like the plot for the final episodes is kind of laid out now, with the FST having Desmond contacting everyone and showing them that there is another timeline or whatever. I like how Desmond is conscious in both timelines now.

A fantastic cameo by Charlie in this episode for sure. He really was the reason that Desmond turned. Of course with the help of Faraday (another fantastic cameo!).

For some reason I couldn't stop smiling during this episode. I guess this was the episode that I really noticed how incredible LOST is (not that I already didnt think that), but still how they have gotten every single cast member, no matter how small, to come back many years since there last appearance and for it to flow so well. I loved that the stadium was revisited and that Minkowski was Desmonds driver.

Everything about this episode was fantastic, I really dont have too much to speculate on the upcoming episodes except that desmond will probably try to help whoever on the island and in the FST he will try to show everyone what happened (maybe with the help of Charlie).

Only thing I couldnt figure out was it seemed Charlie saw the love he had for Claire in the OT, however he didnt realize that he was dead in the OT.

This episode definitely helped set up the plot for the rest of the season. Cant wait for the rest of the episodes!!!

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