LOST has helped me be able to create theories from the most simple things in the show. I am going to just go on a rant and see where it ends up, here we go.

THE MAN IN BLACK IS A CHICKEN. It all makes sense now if you look at it. Hurley owns a fried CHICKEN company. However in the original timeline (where Jacob intervened), Jacob sent a meteor down to crash on the fried chicken store, thus freeing Hurley from the constraints of the MIB. Jacob also saved Sayid from getting hit by the car. The car was very likely playing a game of CHICKEN with another car, why else would it be speeding in the town. However, he did not realize that this would backfire when Sayid was shot by who else then Ben's Father, Roger. The actor who played Roger was also seen as the Uncle to Napoleon, in Napoleon Dynamite. It's not coincidence that Napolean worked at a CHICKEN farm. Let us look at this most recent episode. Sayid joined MIB (chicken) and not only did this affect the main timeline, but also the alternate timeline. Are you really so naive to think that Sayid killed Keamy just because he hurt his brother? No, it was obvious that Sayid was more upset over the eggs that Keamy was cooking. The eggs that once belonged to MIB, THE CHICKEN! I believe that Desmond will be the one to save the day. Why is that you say? It is clearly because he blew up the HATCH. Do chickens not HATCH from eggs? Obviously, Desmond blowing up the Hatch was symbolism for Desmonds ability to stop the MIB from reproducing. That is why he is so upset. Claire and Rousseau both lost there child's while they were still little. Something that happens to female CHICKENS all the time. Lastly, if you are not yet convinced. Aldo, one of the others that was killed by Claire, plays Mac on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, Mac is also the name of a CHICKEN in Chicken Run (look it up). Well than let us conclude that MIB is a Chicken, therefore, Jacob must be the farmer that owns the chickens. The island is his land. Most of the people (other animals) have been domesticated and follow Jacob without question, much like any domesticated animal does. However, MIB has regained some of his consciousness and he wants nothing more than to escape the farm and run free, with the wild Turkeys (Whoever MIB used to love).

Have a cluckety cluck cluck day!

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