Is it just me?

This one is for my fellow LOST fans who have been watching the show since the beginning. I'm not sure if I am the only one who had thought this way, but I thought some of the mystery in the first few seasons was that everything that was crazy on the island actually had a realistic answer. Like everything on the island somehow would make sense without stretching what is physically possible. I remember watching the first few seasons trying to figure out how there could be a smoke monster that could actually make sense in real life. But then the producers pulled out the whole time travel aspect which just went straight to science fiction. I feel like after the time travel segment started that allowed them to justify other mysteries on the island without making them realistic. Like I wonder if when they explain how MIB can be the smoke monster it will be something that just stretches further into science fiction. Am I alone in believing that early on, it was told that most things would have realistic answers to the mysteries??

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