It definitely appears that Love is what made Charlie and Faraday want to figure out what is going on. And although Desmonds flashes of Charlies hand weren't exactly direct Love, they were enough to give him the name of the person he loved in the OT. At the end of the episode Desmond said he was going to find the rest of the Oceanic flight group and show them this. I can't decide if all the characters have experienced love on the island or not.

Jack experienced love for Kate Sawyer experienced love for Juliet Hurley experienced love for Libby Charlie experienced love for Claire Faraday experienced love for Charlotte Rose experienced love for Bernard (vice versa, was happening in the FST) Jin experienced love for Sun (vice versa, however it appears this is already happening in the FST) Saiid experienced love for Shannon (except I believe he loved Nadia more) Boone experienced love for Shannon (however, I forgot how this stopped, perhaps Boones death?) Michael might have experienced love for Walt because he was so determined to save him (this ones a stretch)

However thats about all I can think of.

Locke I can't see any love he experienced on the island. Same with plenty of the side characters like, Ana lucia, Eko, Arznt, etc)

I guess in my opinion the only one that will have trouble convincing would be Locke. So what are your thoughts on all of this?

Also might I add, do you think Charlie and Faraday know they died in the timeline that they felt the love in? My guess is they will be able to gain the consciousness from the OT and put it in there FST bodies, kind of how Desmond is doing.

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