So I'm finally coming to acceptance that LOST is going to be over soon. However, I wonder if we will have to say goodbye to all the characters. I personally think some Spin-offs are in order. These are some of my ideas, I kind of made them like you would see in a TV guide description:

1. Jack, Desmond, and Jin star in the latest great soup opera, "Attractive Men that have parent and women issues". Picture the redone super dramatic scenes such as when Widmore explains to Desmond that he will never be worth a bottle of liquor. Or one to definitely bring tears is when you find out Jin's polar bear is not for Sun, but for his boss!

2. FST Ben and Arznt are the latest pairing on The Amazing Race. Just picture these two hooligans, high-school teaching buddies, traveling across the world. Arznt, the loud, crazy, obnoxious one who is always questioning Ben. And Ben, the borderline psychopath who is trying to keep it together in order to win the grand prize!

3. Ana Lucia, Kate, and Ilana star in a new version of Charlie's Angels. 200% more badass and 100% less Angel.

4. Get Him to the Greek 2: Get Him to the Widmore Charity Event. Desmond Hume is your typical employee for a higher up boss. However, one day he is asked to take rocker, Charlie, to a charity event. Charlie, the out of control rocker, is resistant to go and a whole bunch of crazy events occur along the way. Including great scenes like driving off a dock and Charlie running around a hospital naked.

5. Sawyer and Lapidus play two long-haired slackers living outside Los Angelos. However, what you don't know is, is that Sawyer is actually a gritty con-man and Lapidus is his get away driver.

6. Sayid stars as the replacement to Jack Bauer in 24. Some notable cameos, John Locke as the new wheel-chair bound president of the United States (edgy) and Mikhail as the Russian hit man attempting to thwart Sayid and kill President Locke.

7. Richard Alpert stars as a great portrayal of Zorro. Based off of his stunning Spanish acting ability as scene in his backstory!

8. Hurley joins the cast of Glee!(Ive never actually scene it but apparently everyone on that show is loved, so Hurley should fit in)

9. The Sixth Sense 2. "I can HEAR dead people" Starring Miles.

10. Where in the World are Bernard and Rose? They have gone missing for seasons at a time on LOST, now its time for them to go missing from the world. First person to find them wins a million dollars!

11. "Screaming about kids!" Sit and watch for an hour while First Season of Lost's Michael and Claire scream at the top of their lungs about either "my son!" or "my baby!".

12. Martin Keamy stars as the new host of Bully Beatdown. He's even more obnoxious and weird then the original hosts! (look him up)

13. Understanding Mr. Friendly. An hour long weekly show trying to figure out who the hell Mr. Friendly was. Why did he randomly wear a beard in the jungle when he first met the Losties? Why did they randomly make him gay (and then kill him)? Why was he so good of a quarterback when he threw that pass to Jack? All these and more will be answered!

14. Dogen replaces Jackie Chan in the New Karate kid movie. Walt replaces Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid.

15. A remake of the Desmond scenes when he was trapped with Kelvin. Only this time Kelvin does his Mr. Krabs voice through out ever scene.

Feel free to add your own.

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