When Lennon read the letter in the ankh he said that they had to keep Saiid alive or else they were all in a lot of trouble. Then they put him in the water, which seemed to actually wake him up and then drown him. However, miraculously Saiid does survive even after they pronounced him dead. You would think that this would be a relief for the Temple people since they needed to have him alive or else they were in trouble. However, instead they test him and decide that he should be killed as emphasized with the poison capsule. Why would they want to kill somebody that Jacob told them NEEDED to stay alive or else they were in trouble? And also why don't Dogan and Lennon and the other Temple people more worried right now. I mean Dogan was sitting at his desk spinning a baseball, not something you would do if you expected that your master (Jacob) said everyone would be in a lot of trouble if Saiid died. Thoughts?? -JDL

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