There stories seem so similar. Both lost there child when it was still very young and in need of its mother (although you could argue Claire gave hers away). Both were kind of wandering the jungle, but kept to themselves for the most part. When they showed Claire in tonights episode she reminded me so much of Danielle down to the way she held the gun and the unkempt hair. I wouldn't be surprised if Claire had been living in Rousseau's old house on the island. I forget if Rousseau gave birth on the island or not (I think she did). But perhaps there is some kind of thing that happens to the mothers that give birth on the island (even though the island is not supposed to allow births) that makes them crazy. Dogen already said Claire has the "Darkness" however I would really hate to see the whole Claire and Aaron thing not get resolved. I'm curious to hear other peoples opinions on the matter and if they believe the resemblance was there as much as I do? - JDL

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