I personally always saw him dieing in the show much earlier. Back in the seasons where characters died a lot more frequently I really thought he would be one to go. From the beginning his only real relevance was that he could work the radio to help communicate. After that, he really did bring anything to the island to help the cast or create any drama. He had that fling with Shannon for a bit, but otherwise Saiid really hasn't done much. His whole back story has been complete for the most part. I guess he shot Ben as a kid, but really anyone could have done that, it didn't have to be Saiid. I'm not hating on Saiid, but I just wondered if anyone else thought throughout the seasons that he would have died before some of the others. For instance, I predicted Libby, Eko, and Charlie to all outlive Saiid. I know now this season theres now things going on with him, before this season though can anyone really see his significance?

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