Well Darlton did it again with another great episode.

1. Ilana pulling a classic Arznt. However it came as a shock to me considering we really didn't learn too much about her. I hope they at least address why Jacob knew her before she came to the island.

2. It was nice seeing Michael, and he didn't scream once about his son!

3. We also have the Whispers explained, however it made it seem a lot like Purgatory and I hope thats not the case.

4. I think in the FST Desmond hit Locke so he would have visions of the OT.

5. I was kind of upset Locke threw Desmond down the well and I doubt that hes dead. Maybe he will do something with the wheel if it is the same well.

6. Do you think there was any importance in Locke addressing Jack when he walked in. They definitely spent some additional seconds showing both of there faces. Do you think Locke might be Christian?

7. I was glad to see Libby back. And a great cameo by the guy who plays connect 4 by himself!!!

8. What do you think will happen to Richard, Miles, and Ben? I wouldn't be surprised if they all die.

9. Lastly, how do you think the rest of the convo between Hurley and Locke will go?

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